The Traveling Toddler: Goes to the Dominican Republic

If you’re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, prepare yourself. In The Traveling Toddler: Goes to the Dominican Republic, Justyn Dominique visits the second largest country in the Caribbean!

Our best advice? Buckle up. Justyn not only experiences a luxurious first-class trip, unforgettable encounter with dolphins, and picturesque views with ocean scenery, but also gets to visit a never-before-seen room on his flight. Tune in for a surprise!


Whether you’re a new parent who is worried about an upcoming trip or a seasoned traveler, Justyn’s trip to the Dominican Republic is one for the books. Teeming with adventure, comedy, and excitement, this special narrative captures the hearts and minds of readers young and old.


The Traveling Toddler: Goes to the Dominican Republic makes for a perfect birthday present, bedtime story, and travel prep book. Best of all, each book within The Traveling Toddler series features a real-life traveler, JD Boumah! Fun fact: he’s also an accomplished chef.

Looking to continue the journey? The Traveling Toddler series has more to offer! By visiting our Amazon seller page, you’ll discover even more award-winning books.


Your Caribbean dream vacation is here! Join Justyn on his latest adventure by purchasing your copy of The Traveling Toddler: Goes to the Dominican Republic today!


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Goes to the Dominican Republic

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