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Meet Super Justyn

Kidhero • Traveling Chef • Young Philanthropist

Phenomenal 7-year-old TEDx Speaker, Philanthropist, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of a 501c3 organization (Heroes and Hearts), and Youth Influencer, Super Justyn is the youngest Award Winning International African American Author and CEO of the Traveling Toddler, where he utilizes his talents and creativity to empower undeserved communities. His passion to serve people was cultivated through his experiences traveling to 12 countries across 4 continents, where he became inspired to further shed light on different issues such as children’s food allergies, helping and encouraging individuals who have experienced marginalization, and providing educational resources for children globally.


Highly acclaimed for his purity of heart and international impact, Super Justyn has been recognized by public figures such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and has been featured on the TODAY Show, ABC World News and more.


Previously, Super Justyn has been awarded over 35 recognitions, contests and grants for his creative annual service projects The Blessing Project, Art & Reading Event, Super Justyn's Giveaway and Learning is Fun Libraries. He is getting ready to launch his annual service projects during the Spring and Fall of this year.

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